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  • How To Measure The Hole Size ? How To Measure The Hole Size ?
    Jun 21, 2024
    Having trouble to get the accurate size for the hole of products? Let us teach you step by step, if you need video for it, contact us to get it now! Prepared tool: Spirit level , Tape measure Step 1: Use a spirit level make sure the rough opening is align Step 2: Place the tape parallel to the hole bottom, measure the hole width in three sections (Remark: 3 sections including 1) The widest; 2) The middle 3) The shortest ) Step 3: Place a tape measure vertical to the hole bottom, measure the height in three sections (Remark: 3 sections including 1) The widest; 2) The middle 3) The shortest ) Step 4: Measure the height from the floor to the hole bottom in three sections Step 4: Measure the wall thickness around the hole , if possible, measure the 4 side (Also need in 3 sections) Above are the steps for getting more accurate size, if you still having trouble, welcome to contact us anytime.
  • Unveiling the World of Commercial Windows in Modern Architecture Unveiling the World of Commercial Windows in Modern Architecture
    May 30, 2024
    Windows are an essential component of commercial buildings, offering functionality, beauty, and efficiency tailored to the unique requirements of non-residential spaces. These windows are designed to serve multiple purposes while meeting stringent performance standards in various commercial settings, such as office buildings, retail stores, hotels, and institutional structures. Recommendation of Commercial Windows: Fixed Windows: Hihaus Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are non-operable windows that do not open or close. They are favored for their clean, modern look and unobstructed views, making them popular choices for commercial buildings where natural light and panoramic views are desired. Sliding Windows: Hihaus Sliding windows feature sashes that move horizontally along tracks to open and close. They are commonly used in commercial buildings due to their ease of operation, space-saving design, and ability to provide ventilation while maintaining a sleek appearance. But if for high floor or windy area, we don’t recommend in such type of window. Casement Windows: Casement windows are friction stay on top and down side and swing outward or swing in to open. They are often chosen for their superior energy efficiency, tight sealing against air infiltration, and contemporary aesthetic appeal, making them suitable for various commercial applications. Awning Windows: Awning windows are friction stay at the top and open outward from the bottom. They are popular choices for commercial buildings seeking to maximize ventilation while preventing rain or debris from entering the interior space, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, or high-rise structures. Hung Windows: Single or Double hung windows consist of one or two vertically sliding sashes that can be opened from the top or bottom. They offer versatility, easy maintenance, and classic charm, making them suitable for commercial buildings seeking a traditional look with modern functionality. Tilt-Turn Windows: Tilt-turn windows can tilt inwards for ventilation or swing open like a door for easy cleaning and emergency egress. They are commonly used in commercial buildings where operability, security, and ease of maintenance are essential considerations. If you are looking for good water resistance and air-tightness, this will be the best choice Glass Curtain Walls: Glass curtain walls are large expanses of glass that create a visually striking and modern aesthetic in commercial buildings. These systems are designed to maximize natural light, provide thermal insulation, and enhance the building's overall energy efficiency while offering unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. In conclusion, commercial windows play a pivotal role in shaping the architectural character, functionality, and energy performance of modern commercial buildings. With a diverse range of window types available to suit different design preferences and practical requirements, architects and building owners can select the most suitable commercial windows to enhance the aesthetic appeal, occupant comfort, and sustainability of commercial structures. If you are looking for quality windows doors, welcome to check in Foshan Hihaus factory, where you can get the professional advise along with quality commercial windows.
  • Direct from the Source: Buying Aluminum Windows from Manufacturers Direct from the Source: Buying Aluminum Windows from Manufacturers
    May 24, 2024
    When it comes to renovating or building a home, the choice of windows plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. Aluminum windows, known for their durability, sleek design, and low maintenance requirements, have become a popular choice among homeowners and architects alike. Purchasing aluminum windows directly from manufacturers offers a range of benefits that can enhance the overall window-buying experience. Why choose Hihaus ? Hihaus contribute to produce and update good aluminum windows and doors which meet "energy efficiency", "fashion design", and "low maintenance" needs. Our factory covers an area of 123,000 ㎡. It has over 800 skilled workers and German & Italy brand imported machines. Our annual production capacity reaches over 500,000 ㎡.With them, we've been able to fulfill your wishes down to the smallest details. What are the benefits of buying windows and doors from the Hihaus? Cost Savings: Hihaus bypass middlemen like retailers or distributors, offering clients with transparent pricing. This allows clients to get high-quality aluminum doors and windows at competitive prices. Customization Options: Based on the inspirations from clients, Hihaus provide no-cost customized design service of materials, color, shapes from a professional perspective for our clients. Quality Assurance: Hihaus uses high-quality aluminum profiles, with imported production equipment, cooperate with high-quality accessories supplier. And we have the quality control team and the safety packing process. This ensures quality from raw materials to client's jobsite. Expert Guidance: Hihaus has a professional sales team and technical team with many years of experience in the door and window industry. Based on your project, We can provide you with professional solutions for material selection, cost budget, and installation guidance. In conclusion, buying aluminum windows directly from Hihaus manufacturers can bring numerous advantages, including cost savings, customization options, quality assurance, expert guidance, and direct communication.This approach not only empowers homeowners to make informed choices but also enables them to get high-quality windows that meet their specific needs and preferences. Whether for a new construction project or a home renovation, opting to purchase aluminum windows directly from Hihaus manufacturers can be a smart and rewarding decision.
  • Why does tempered glass of windows and doors self explode? How to choose the glass of windows and doors? Why does tempered glass of windows and doors self explode? How to choose the glass of windows and doors?
    May 08, 2024
    Part 1: Why does tempered glass of windows and doors self explode? Glass self explosion refers to the sudden rupture or bursting of glass without external force. There are mainly two reasons as follows: : ※Thermal stress caused by extreme weather The thermal stress caused by temperature changes, is known as thermal burst. When air conditioners are turned on indoors and sunlight is exposed outdoors in summer, the temperature on the glass surface suddenly increases or decreases. The thermal stress gap between inside and outside can cause cracks and breakage. Meanwhile, extreme weather such as typhoons and rain may also cause glass to burst. ※Instability of glass raw materials The original glass sheet itself contains impurities - nickel sulfide. During glass manufacturing, if bubbles and impurities are not completely eliminated, they may rapidly expand and cause rupture under changes in temperature or pressure. Therefore, the self explosion of glass cannot be completely avoided, which is also an inherent characteristic of glass. To address this issue, We Hihaus use raw materials from two top brands in the glass industry and heat the glass to a high temperature of 290 ° C for homogeneous hot dip treatment, achieving quality improvement. After treatment, the number of broken particles of 10CM² is controlled between 80-100 particles, and it will become granular after crushing to reduce secondary damage. Meanwhile, the self explosion rate has decreased from 3 ‰ of ordinary tempered glass to 1 ‰. Part 2: How to choose the glass of windows and doors? When selecting glass, it is recommended to use 3C certified tempered glass with good bending strength and impact resistance. On this basis, you can further choose the glazing configuration according to the living environment, urban area, floor level and other factors. ※Urban area If the area is in the south and the population is relatively dense, it will be necessary for you to pay attention to the sound insulation and watertight performance of windows and doors. If it is in the north, you will pay more attention to airtight and insulation performance. ※ Environmental noise If you live on the side of the road or other noisy areas, it will be recommended that the windows and doors can be configured with hollow + laminated glass, which can greatly improve the sound insulation effect. ※ Floor height When selecting glass for high floors, it is necessary to focus on wind pressure resistance. The higher the floor, the greater the wind pressure and the thicker the glass needed. Because the requirements of the low floor against wind pressure are lower, the glass can be selected to be thinner. People who live on high floors have relatively high requirements for watertight performance and sound insulation. These can allow the staff to carry out targeted calculations when selecting windows and doors. Part 3: How to deal with self explosion of windows and doors? ※Use laminated glass Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between a layer or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film. After special high temperature prepressing treatment, the glass and the intermediate film are bonded as one composite glass product. Even if the glass breaks, the debris will be stuck to the film and the broken glass surface will remain intact, which effectively prevents the occurrence of splinter injuries and falling events. ※ Apply high-performance polyester film to glass If the laminated glass is not used in the early stage, we can paste high-performance polyester film on the glass of windows and door. When the tempered glass breaks for various reasons, the safety explosion-proof film can stick to the glass fragments to prevent splashing and protect the personnel inside and outside the building from being hurt by the splashing glass fragments. ※Select ultra cleared tempered glass There are two main advantages of ultra cleared tempered glass: the strength higher than that of ordinary glass and the low self explosion rate. The thermal stability of ultra cleared tempered glass is more than good, and its external damage carrying capacity is higher. In the glass production process, the ultra-white process requires a lower impurity content than conventional glass, so the self explosion rate approaches zero. Doors and Windows are the first line of home security protection. In order to prevent glass self-explosion, when we choose and evaluate the safety index of a door and window, we should be from the selection of materials, the performance of windows and door, technical process support and details of the comprehensive assessment.
  • Stylish and Expensive: Are Glass Garage Doors Right for You? Stylish and Expensive: Are Glass Garage Doors Right for You?
    Apr 17, 2024
    Nowadays, as we know, glass garage doors have become increasingly popular for their modern aesthetic appeal and versatility all around the world. Installing them in residential and commercial spaces can greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of buildings, but the price of garage doors are usually expensive compared to other products. In this article, we will delve into glass garage doors and explore the reasons behind their relatively high cost. What are glass garage doors? Glass garage doors are commonly referred to as "glass overhead doors" or "glass garage doors", which are typically made of aluminum frames and large panels of tempered glass, with unique transparency and functionality. Why are Greatly affects the overall price of the door so expensive? Premium materials: Glass aluminium garage doors are made of high-quality materials. It is known that good aluminum frames and tempered glass panels will improve the durability of products. At the same time, they can also greatly affect the overall price of glass garage doors. Customization Options: Garage doors are customized products, allowing customers to customize different designs, sizes, finishes and glass types according to their preferences and architectural requirements. Because the production of customized products will increase labor and time costs, the expense is relatively high. Specialized Installation: If you want to install glass garage doors by yourself, it is indispensable for you to have professional knowledge. Only correct installation can ensure the maximum efficiency of garage doors when in use. Therefore, it is believed that the cost of professional installation service is necessary. Energy Efficiency Features: In order to adapt to environmental changes, an increasing number of glass garage doors are designed to be energy-efficient, which help regulate indoor temperature and reduce energy costs. These energy-saving features will increase the price of garage doors, but in the long run, they may save energy bills. Design and Aesthetic Appeal: Glass garage doors can provide a modern and fashionable appearance for buildings. Due to the aesthetic design, to some extent, they can increase the value of the property. Therefore, in order to seek luxurious design and achieve higher value, glass garage doors have a higher price. In conclusion, due to the functionality and customization options of glass garage doors that can increase the value of residential and commercial properties, the price may be higher compared to traditional options.
  • Learn about the cost of building custom windows Learn about the cost of building custom windows
    Jan 24, 2024
    Custom windows offer an opportunity for homeowners to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their living spaces while still satisfying specific design requirements. Whether you're renovating an existing home or building a new one, it's important to understand the cost factors of custom windows. Here we will discuss the various factors that affect the cost of custom windows so that you can make informed decisions when planning your window project. Window size and type: The size and type of your custom windows play an important role in determining the cost. Larger or non-standard window sizes typically require additional materials and may involve complex installation processes, leading to higher costs. Material Selection: The choice of materials for your custom building windows affects both the aesthetic appeal and cost. Different materials ,different cost. You get what you paid. Glass Options: The type of glass used in custom windows can significantly impact the cost. Different choices of glass grades will have different impacts on the functionality of the window. Customization Features: Custom windows offer a range of additional features that can enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal. These include decorative grilles, divided lite patterns, custom hardware, and unique finishes. Including these customized features adds to the total cost, but can greatly enhance the character and uniqueness of your windows. Installation Costs: Depending on the complexity of the installation process, the number of windows installed, and any structural modifications required will affect the cost of the installation. Hiring a professional window installer with experience in custom window installation is recommended to ensure proper installation and minimize the risk of any future problems. For more details about windows, welcome to contact Hihaus. We have a professional team to provide ideas of your projects.
  • Exploring the Pros and Cons of Common Window Types: Making the Right Choice for Your Home Exploring the Pros and Cons of Common Window Types: Making the Right Choice for Your Home
    Jan 17, 2024
    Although there are many types of doors and windows on the market today, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, resulting in their different scopes of application. Therefore, it is indispensable to choose the suitable doors and windows, which can greatly improve the quality of lives. They will be introduced briefly as follows. First of all, top-hung window has always been one of the most popular types of windows. Compared with other types, although it does not have very good ventilation performance, it is more convenient and safer than outward-opening windows, because the handle is on the lower side. Moreover, the opening method and direction can effectively save indoor space, so top-hung windows are more suitable for installation in small spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Secondly, the reason why an increasing number of people choose sliding windows nowadays is that they can effectively increase ventilation area and make the lighting enter rooms by constantly adjusting the position of panels. Enough sunlight and air are indispensable in daily lives. However, the sealing of sliding windows is relatively poor. It is usually suitable to install in balconies or rooms with low sealing requirements. Thirdly, it is known that choosing tilt & turn windows installed at home has become new trend in modern society. They have very good sealing and can prevent rain entering rooms. Nevertheless, the panel of tilt & turn window occupies indoor space, so we need to consider the decoration layout before choosing it. If you have sealing requirements for windows, it must be your first choice. Then, tilt & slide window, the newest design of windows, will be loved by more and more people in the future because of the excellent sealing. However, since it has just been developed, the price is relatively expensive. In addition, the hardware damage rate is high compared to other kinds. Limited by track, so it is more suitable to install in rooms with windowsill. Finally, sliding door with narrow frame is beautiful. Because it does not have the bottom track, it is convenient to sweep the floor. However, the design of top track is prone to shake. In a word, which kind of window you choose depends on the need and environment. Choosing good doors and windows can help us enjoy a better life.
  • Understanding the Significance of U-Value in Windows Understanding the Significance of U-Value in Windows
    Jan 10, 2024
    What is the U-Value in the windows? The U-value is a factor measures the heat transfer through a window, indicating its thermal efficiency. More lower U-value signifies better insulation. Importance of Low U-Value: A low U-value is desirable as it indicates reduced heat transfer. In cold climates, windows with low U-values can prevent heat loss, ensuring indoor comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Similarly, in hot climates, they inhibit heat gain, reducing the need for excessive cooling and lowering energy bills. The windows from HiHaus can be made in different U value according to the building' area and requirements. Determining Energy Efficiency: Windows with a U-value of 0.25 or lower are good in energy efficiency. However, local climate conditions and building codes may influence the ideal U-value for a specific region. Ensuring that your choice aligns with local standards and maximizes energy savings, kindly consult with the professionals or refer to energy efficiency guidelines specific to your area to determine the recommended U-value for windows. Factors Affecting U-Value: The type of frame material, glazing options, the presence of gas fills, and the number of panes can affect the U-Value. For instance, windows produced by HiHaus with double or triple glazing and gas fills, such as argon provide better insulation and minimize heat transfer. Balancing Cost and Efficiency: While aiming for a low U-value is desirable, it's essential to strike a balance between cost and efficiency. Windows with exceptional thermal performance might come at a higher price point. However, investing in energy-efficient windows can result in long-term savings due to reduced energy consumption. It's crucial to consider the potential returns on investment and calculate the payback period when comparing window options. Choosing windows with a good U-value is pivotal for energy-efficient spaces. The U-value represents a window's ability to resist heat transfer and maintain comfortable indoor environments. Lower U-values imply better insulation, leading to reduced energy consumption, lower utility bills, and a smaller carbon footprint. However, it's vital to assess regional guidelines, consider different window options, and weigh the cost-effectiveness to make an informed decision. By prioritizing windows with low U-values, one can create a more sustainable and comfortable living or working environment while contributing to a greener future.
    ETIQUETAS : U-value window window
  • Unveiling the Factors behind the Pricing of Folding Patio Doors Unveiling the Factors behind the Pricing of Folding Patio Doors
    Jan 04, 2024
    Folding patio doors have become a highly sought-after feature in modern homes, offering a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. While their elegance and functionality are undeniable, the price tag associated with folding glass doors often raises eyebrows. In this article, we will delve into the factors contributing to the cost of folding patio doors, shedding light on their intricate design, materials, installation process, and additional features that justify their pricing. Innovative Design and Engineering: Folding patio doors are ingeniously designed to provide a wide and unobstructed opening that effortlessly integrates indoor and outdoor areas. The folding mechanism, typically utilizing multiple panels connected by hinges, allows for smooth folding and unfolding motions. The engineering behind these doors requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure structural integrity, precise alignment, and smooth operation. The complex design and engineering involved in creating folding patio doors contribute to their higher price point. Quality Materials: Another key factor in the pricing of folding patio doors is the use of high-quality materials. These doors are often constructed using durable materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or wood, depending on the desired aesthetic and level of durability. For instance, aluminum folding doors offer strength, stability, and resistance to corrosion, making them a popular choice. Additionally, the glass used in these doors is often double-glazed or energy-efficient, providing insulation and enhancing energy savings. The cost of sourcing and manufacturing these premium materials reflects in the overall price of folding patio doors. Precise Installation: The installation process of folding patio doors requires skilled professionals to ensure a seamless fit and optimal functionality. The doors need to be accurately measured, aligned, and securely installed to mitigate any potential issues such as air or water leakage. The expertise and labor involved in the installation process contribute to the overall cost. Advanced Features and Accessories: Many folding patio doors come equipped with advanced features and accessories to enhance security, energy efficiency, and convenience. These can include multi-point locking systems, integrated blinds or shades, smart home integration, and special coatings for UV protection. While these additional features add value and convenience, they also impact the overall cost of folding patio doors. Customization Options: Folding patio doors offer customization options to suit individual preferences and architectural requirements. The ability to choose the number of panels, finishes, hardware, and configurations allows homeowners to tailor the doors to their specific needs. However, customization often involves additional costs, as the manufacturing process needs to accommodate these unique specifications. While the price of folding patio doors may initially seem high, it is important to consider the numerous factors that contribute to their pricing. From innovative design and engineering to the use of high-quality materials, precise installation, advanced features, and customization options, each element adds value and enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of these doors. Investing in folding patio doors can greatly enhance the visual appeal, comfort, and value of your home, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to create a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.
  • The Worth of Thermal Breaks in Windows,Boosting Energy Efficiency and Comfort The Worth of Thermal Breaks in Windows,Boosting Energy Efficiency and Comfort
    Dec 12, 2023
    Thermal break windows from HiHaus Ltd enhances the windows' role in the energy performance and comfort of a building. A thermal break refers to an insulating material placed between two conductive materials in a window system. What exactly a thermal break is and whether it's worth investing in for your building? Now following HiHaus windows know the thermal break deeply. Understanding Thermal Breaks: The thermal break that Hihaus using interrupts the flow of heat between the interior and exterior parts of a window frame, reducing heat transfer and improving insulation. Typically, this break involves installing a non-conductive material, often made of polyurethane or fiberglass, within the aluminum frame. Benefits of Thermal Breaks: 1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Due to reduced heat transfer, windows of HiHaus with the thermal breaks prevent significant amounts of heat loss during colder months and minimize heat gain during hotter months to reduce heating and cooling costs. 2. Improved Comfort: By reducing temperature fluctuations near windows, thermal breaks help maintain a consistent indoor climate. This translates into greater comfort for occupants, eliminating uncomfortable drafts and cold spots near windows. Especially, windows' from Hihaus using quality thermal breaks. 3. Condensation Control: Thermal breaks assist in limiting condensation formation on window frames by minimizing temperature differences between the indoor and outdoor surfaces. This is particularly beneficial in regions with high humidity levels. 4. Noise Reduction: The insulating properties of HiHaus' thermal breaks also contribute to reducing noise transmission through windows, providing a quieter and more peaceful environment. Worth the Investment? While windows with thermal breaks generally come at a higher upfront cost compared to those without, their long-term benefits outweigh the initial expense. The energy savings achieved through improved insulation and reduced heating/cooling needs can lead to significant cost savings over time. Moreover, the comfort gained from maintaining a stable indoor climate, along with reduced condensation and noise levels, enhances the overall living or working experience. These factors contribute to the value and desirability of a property. Investing in windows with HiHaus' thermal breaks is a wise choice for energy-conscious individuals and businesses. Though thermal breaks may involve higher initial costs, the long-term savings and enhanced quality of life make them a valuable investment. So, if you're looking to optimize energy performance, enhance comfort, and elevate the value of your space, choosing Hihaus thermal break windows is indeed worth it.
  • The benefits of picture windows The benefits of picture windows
    Dec 05, 2023
    Follow Hihaus to get the benefits of picture windows. Picture windows are an architectural feature known for their open, unblocked views of the outdoors. They are large windows with fixed panes that provide a framework for showing off a stunning landscape or any visually fascinating scene. Picture windows are designed to maximize natural light and create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Their simplicity and elegance make them a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike. Plenty of natural light: One of the major benefits of picture windows is that they fill the room with natural light. The wide glass surface allows sunlight to penetrate deep into the room, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Design versatility: Picture windows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing design versatility for different architectural styles and preferences. From rectangular to round and even custom shapes, these windows can be customized to fit your own view of aesthetics. Additionally, they have a sleek, minimalist design that complements both modern and traditional spaces. Energy Efficiency Factors : While picture windows have many advantages, it's also important to consider their potential disadvantages. Their wide glass surfaces attract natural light while also causing heat to increase or decrease depending on the climate. However, technological advances in modern windows, such as low-e coatings and double or triple glazing, can greatly improve energy efficiency and insulation. Installation and Practicality: Installing picture windows requires carefully planning and consideration. The installation should be considered in terms of structural requirements, including proper bracing and reinforcement. In addition, since picture windows are fixed and cannot be opened, it is important to use other windows or ventilation systems to ensure proper ventilation in the space. All in all, picture windows can be a fantastic addition to your home, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside and enhancing the overall ambiance. However, energy efficiency considerations and practicality factors need to be considered to make the final decision. Welcome to consult with Hihaus. We are pleased to provide professional advice and discuss your specific needs and goals for a successful installation. Enjoy the view!
  • Comparative analysis of aluminum garage door and galvanized steel garage doors Comparative analysis of aluminum garage door and galvanized steel garage doors
    Nov 28, 2023
    As we talk about garage doors, there are two common materials used which are aluminum and steel. While each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to consider key factors such as durability, cost, and maintenance. Aluminum garage doors offer several benefits. They are lightweight, making them easier to open and close manually. Additionally, aluminum is resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable choice for coastal areas or regions with harsh weather conditions. The material is also more malleable, allowing for a wider range of design options and customization. Hihaus aluminum glass garage doors with 2.5mm or 3.0mm thickness for frame and these 2 types of garage doors are hot selling in this year. However, aluminum garage doors do have some disadvantages. Aluminum is a poor insulator, but we have way to fill PU foam into the profile which will increase the thermal insulation. Speaking of cost, galvanized steel garage doors are generally cheaper than aluminum ones. In terms of thermal insulation and heat preservation performance, galvanized steel garage doors will be better. But this year is also aluminum glass style is more favored by customer groups. It's important to note that the cost of a garage door can vary depending on factors such as size, design, insulation, and additional features like windows or decorative elements. In conclusion, Hihaus garage doors makes efforts to update the performance of our products and develop practical and innovative styles to meet the needs of the market.
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